Advice on restrictions

P. Stadel Nielsen fdki at
Sat Sep 13 15:03:24 EDT 1997

Hi all

Having read all the discussion on collecting near and far, I have got
an idea which I hope you also find worth realising.

The main problem when going abroad on vacation/collecting trips is to
find out what is legal to do. Often it is of no help to ask local
non-entomological minded residents as they dont know.

Therefore to avoid nasty problems as we have seen M. Theobaldelli
ending in, I suggest that we make a list of contact persons who are
willing to give som advice on collecting restrictions in their area.

F.i if someone visits Denmark and wants to collect by us, there are
some problems one should be aware of. I and our society would be happy
to give advice to how a collector should act in our nature. This could
be a mutual benefit, as collectors not knowing the usual collecting
places often find interesting new species or localities ourselves
being too traditional choosing places we visit. At the same time
he/she will get samples and knowledge of our lepidoptera/insect fauna.

If we could first make a list of persons/societies where advice can be
given it would be extremely helpfull. If also a few word on
restictions/problems could be given it would also be very helpfull.
The information should then be available on a homepage somewhere f.i.
as downloadable file.

I would like to offer my help in collecting and sorting this
information and making it available to anyone interested, but I do not
have access to a homepage so a more expirienced netuser is needed.

I hope you find this a constructive idea to solve difficult problems.

Kind regards

P. Stadel Nielsen
fdki at

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