Help identify day-flying moth, NE US

Steve Goldstein steve.goldstein2 at
Tue Sep 16 08:39:36 EDT 1997

Wingspan (spread) 37mm, forewing 18mm base to tip, rear wing 10mm.
Main coloration is a rich velvety black with iridescent blue or green
tinges on the wings and antennae.  The forward half of the rear wings
is pearl/cream colored, with the color demarcation a straight line
from base to tip.  Upper side of abdomen in velvety iridescent
black/green, with small (<1mm) iridescent blue spots on either side
of the 1st (?) abdominal segment.  The first few segments of the
abdomen underside are bright white.  Forewing shape is similar to
Cisseps fulvicollis, rear wing shape like Harrisina americana.  This
bug is not pictured (at least I couldn't find it) in Covell or Holland.

Wilmington, MA, USA (12 miles north of Boston), 27 August 1997.

Thanks anyone who can ID this critter.


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