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Mon Sep 15 15:47:29 EDT 1997

hello john, and lepsers,
true, my single email comes across as amateur, unskilled, and awkward.
true, you are not aware of reintroduction grants such as i am
participant.  i only recently discovered this welcome private effort
myself this past week.
my words typed within the context of my ecological burns hindered the
major concerns and myriad questions i have regarding:
     1. maintaining high air quality for populations residing within
the habitat areas we protect and serve.  at some rotational point, it
seems we must utilize burns (which produce smoke) to provide the exact
conditions needed to maintain healthy habitat.
     2. reintroducing habitat and kbb in my northeastern illinois area
is, i sincerely hope, a valid effort due to kbb survivors located in
our illinois dunes state park,...zion, ill. usa
   3.  burning even small zones of habitat in our area has become a
major clash with residents and activists.  question.   how do we as
stewards in habitat protect invertebrates, air/water, and human
populations?  protecting our mother earth grows more complex with each
new law and discovery of long-term impact upon us.  do we close our
eyes to safer, slower, less perfectly functioning methods?  or do we
ignore the possibilities?

     i am curious to see how other educators, entomologists,
lepidopterists, would procede re. burns, habitat and species
reintroduction, pollution,....
we are all,...simplistic or not, on this planet together.  i for one
remain eager to learn new methods.  i welcome replies.

very sincerely,
diane falk
serendipity gardens, inc.
gardens2 at

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