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Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Mon Sep 22 16:03:15 EDT 1997

Chuck Vaughn wrote:
> Ken,
> >       I would be interested to know what methods others have tried
> >(and with what success).
> Have you visited the Digital Dragonfly page?
> They use a flatbed scanner to scan live dragonflies. I tried this with
> mounted leps and it's not as easy as they made it look. The hardest thing
> to do was get a light background. The good thing is that flatbed scanners
> have a tremendous depth of focus so the entire specimen doesn't have to be
> in the same plane.
> Chuck Vaughn <aa6g at>

Now, how'm I going to scan my ants? I have a flatbed scanner, which can 
scan at 1200 dpi. However the ants wind themselves up into tiny balls 
when varnished, stuck to tape or drowned in alcohol (nor can i blame 
Even the ones which died naturally won't sprawl their legs out so you 
can look at them.  
These are extremely tiny ants; I can't imagine a tool that would 
manipulate them effectively, barring your professional stuff. 
Anne Kilmer
South Florida

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