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Tue Sep 23 11:13:42 EDT 1997

>I, too, am against commercialized exploitation of Leps and other fauna.  It is
>very bad for my hobby.  But you haven't made an exception for non-exploitive or
>non-commercial collecting of common species by amateur hobbyists like me.  Can
>you explain?  Can you justify?

>To be on the safe side. If for no other reason than the only assurance
>anyone has that you are NOT a commercial dealer is your word. 

Not true, the collector could show the authorities what s/he took before
leaving the country.  
It really does seem odd to me that Brazil doesn't want people taking
*any* butterflies at all.  Like if someone from France came to visit
and collected some monarchs and sulfurs and stuff here, what dif could
it possibly make?   

Liz Day

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Home of "Fred", the oldest living regal moth pupa.

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