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I also tried the direct scanning of pinned specimens, with very good results. Ken Phillip mentioned de-pinning specimens to get around the 'image brightness' problem, but the following also works great: Just put the pinned specimen on a piece of styrofoam, with  pins in the corner of the foam to act as supports once you turn everything upside down. This allows you to add some additional lighting...microscope lights work great. 
 Thanks for the idea!

Heres some results (Grammia virgo):


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Re scanning direct from the bug on a flatbed ...

I tried scanning in a moth (Feltia jaculifera) on the flatbed direct -
with impressive results!  Simply put it in a unit tray, turned it upside
down on the flatbed and fired.
 The background is grey, but not bad at all!  A bit of manipulating with
the software to brighten everything up and it was better (well, at least as
good as) than a lot of the jpeg photos I have seen.  It is not as crisp as
some other methods, but planty good enough for some applications.  For
example, the images come out much better say many of the B&W images in
Covell (the poorer darker issue), or the color plates in "Cutworms of
Ontario and Quebec."
Should be great for numerous applications .. and with a bit of
experimentation it can probably be improved even more so.  Hey, I'm exited.
 After spending yesterday photographing, waiting for developing and paying
for same, coming home and scanning in photo's - I like what this can do.
Thanks for the idea!!

Gary Anweiler

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