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	I received 5 replies to my request for larval food plants of Hyppa
xylinoides. Thanks to Gary, Jason, Liz, Matti, and Paul. Alders, clover,
cranberries, roses, and St. Johns Wort seem to be the species listed in the
literature. One respondant  had actually reared xylinoides on Vaccinium,
Polygonum and Taraxacum. Dandelions will be my first choice for a food, if
the eggs hatch!
	As Jason noted in his response to the List, there are 2 sibling species
involved and the nomenclature is uncertain. Most books, except Forbes, fail
to distinguish between them. We have both species here in the NE. The
wide-antenna beast (xylinoides) flies in early Summer and is usually rare.
During most of the Summer, the narrow-antenna species (conveniently called
"ancocisconensis") is often common. In September, the 2nd gen of xylinoides
flies. Usually quite rare, but common this year. My concern was whether the
food plants listed for xylinoides actually referred to "ancocisconensis".
What I have are eggs of xylinoides.
	Thanks for everyone's help


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