Monarch transfers and releases (fwd)

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Sat Sep 27 14:28:36 EDT 1997

As Neil Jones continues to fill up my mailbox with messages...

Some people are forgetting that the average public knows or cares little
about Monarchs or LOWER organisms.  Events like Monarch releases are supposed
to spur public awareness and action.  I am truly sorry to hear that the
releases spoiled migratory studies in the northwest, but perhaps future
sources of Monarchs can be obtained locally.  Of course, though, we all heard
that reared Monarchs are as deadly as the plague and artificially boost local
populations.  Why not say the heck with it all and just let the butterflies
continue die out because of man's continued destruction of nature.

Considering all the pros and cons that have been debated into the ground,
nobody's mind has been changed.

So let's try to get on with life and try to accomodate each other somehow.
 Unfortunately, the USDA is trying to fix a problem before it's even defined,
studied, or documented.  Soon, USDA will make it illegal to even send dead,
dried insects across state lines....if USFWS doesn't beat them to it.

Harry Pavulaan

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