Monarch transfers and releases

Mark Walker mwalker at
Mon Sep 29 18:40:20 EDT 1997

My two-and-a-half cents worth:

Being one who detests exploitation and commercialized hype, Hans' exploits (and
the way he marketed them on this list) caused my hair to stand from the very
beginning.  It was bad science, to be sure, and attempting to sell it from a
scientific or ecological point of view was misleading and even insulting. 
However - I agree with Dr. Adams (mind if I call you James?).  The
perturbations caused by the Monarch release can likely be accounted for without
a significant adjustment to existing models.  The downside is that those who
are collecting and recording might be prompted to make false hypotheses, but
good scientists will hesitate to jump to conclusions.  Let's face it - there's
a lot we DON'T know, and therefore there are probably large errors in our
models already.  Will those induced by Hans' July 4th release truly be

This is NOT a justification for promoting such an event, but rather one for, as
James put it, _lightening up_.

Mark Walker.

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