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Doug Yanega wrote:

> As I commented to Ken Philip at one point, it looks more like the main
> problem is COST. You're describing a complete system that requires about
> $10,000 - given that the cost of taking slides (even if you take several
> per specimen to ensure good focusing, shadows, and color balance) and
> scanning them is around $1.50 per finished image, you'd need to take
> something like 7,000 images before you'd be just breaking even on the
> purchase of the system (and you won't have the original slides in hand,
> either, if something happens to your files). I have no idea what your final
> number is going to be for this project - do you think you'll eventually get
> your money's worth?
> Just curious as to the economics of such high-tech investments,
> Peace,
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You are absolutely true about the cost of such a system, but we NEEDED a
color video camera, for scientific and academic purposes (the camera mounted on
the microscope is linked to a video monitor to show some dissections to our
students...). Obviously a mono-CCD camera would work, but this recall to me
the discussion with my wife to explain why I bought some Leica Trinovid
for my butterfly/bird watching hobby against Nikon binoculars, 2 times cheaper
but not 2 times worse.
More seriously, after discussion with Nikon specialists at Apple Expo in Paris,
it appears that digital photo cameras using all the Nikon lens series will
available in 98-99, for less than 1500 $. Here is the future of digitized
for the entomologists, either professionals or not.

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