Paul C Weaver beavis5 at
Tue Sep 30 16:22:45 EDT 1997

I find this statement troubling .   Who are we to think that we can save
the planet or destroy the planet.  The planet has been here for billions
of years before man arrived and will be here billions of years after man
has left. "Save the environment " you say .  But what you really mean is
"Save yourself". The environment will adapt and thrive in the long run
even if man made it unlivable for himself.  Organisms would still live and
find away to evolve.


On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Anne Kilmer wrote:

> Mark Walker wrote:
> > 
> > James Adams wrote:
> > 
> > >     The modern age of human transportation has, by its very nature,
> > > muddied the picture of natural ranges/movements of an incredible
> > > number of species (including humans).  I would hate to be an
> > > archaeologist of another species hundreds of thousands of years from
> > > now trying to put together clear pictures of natural ranges of
> > > species.  Lets hope our informational resources last a long time!!
> > 
> > On the other hand, there is always the point of view that suggests that we are
> > but another in a long history of natural catastrophic pressures that the planet
> > has had to deal with.  The end result is muddied by yesterday's point of view,
> > but new and different from tomorrow's.
> > 
> > Ooooh.  Now THAT should stimulate discussion...
> > 
> > Mark Walker.
> absolutely. We are a catastrophic and lethal infection which is about to 
> bring the planet's ecology crashing into ruin.
> It'll do just fine without us though. Probably didn't miss the dinosaurs 
> one bit.
> or, on the other hand, we are the glory of the universe, about to make 
> this planet into a paradise. Our choice. 
> I like the second option. That's what I'm working on. Paradise is an 
> achievable goal, but it does involve loving each other, and (hi there, 
> Harry) lower forms of life. 
> We become so confused in arguing over the path that we forget our common 
> goal, I think. 
> Happy new moon to all of you.
> Anne Kilmer
> South Florida

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