Butterfly art

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Americo Bonkewitzz Zoology and Entomology <bonkewit at unpsun1.cc.unp.ac.za>
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> Does someone know the approximate amount of discarded butterflies that a
> butterfly house/farm/insectarium generates per year ? I am very
> to know what happens once the butterflies natuarlly die in the exhibits.

The Niagara parks butterfly conservatory in Niagara Falls Ontario produces
around one thousand butterfly carcasses a week. They have two or three
quail that roam the conservatory and feed on the discards the staff also
harvest some of the best for use in displays and interactive features in
the educational area of the building.  Good specimens are offered to local
classrooms for science programs and the rest are discarded.  This is what
my son was told by one of the very helpful staff when he was doing research
for a class project.


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