Conjugation of Caterpillars

Chris Conlan conlan at
Sun Apr 5 22:32:46 EDT 1998

There are several types of caterpillars that exhibit this kind of behavior,
not just spiny ones.  A determination cannot be made without a very good
description or photograph.
The spiny ones to which you refer that keep getting all the publicity in
Brazil are in the Saturniid genus Lonomia.  They are cryptic in coloration
and tend to rest in very large groups on the trunk of the hostplant during
the day. If someone were to bump against this mass there is the potential
for massive numbers of stings.  It's not the strength of the poison that is
the problem, it's the number of stings.


>I'm not sure of the species, but from my knowledge the caterpillars you
>are talkinbg about have very strong poison in there spines. I've seen them
>on a Discover Show a year back or so.
>Scott Nicholson

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