Daniel & Monica Glaeske daniel.monica.glaeske at
Thu Apr 9 17:41:43 EDT 1998

Mark Walker wrote:
> Hmmmm.  Kenelm's reported butterflies in Alaska.  Runar Krogen's seen them
> in Norway.  And what has been sighted in Vermont, you ask?
> Well, in the memorable words of that infamous arctic adventurer/explorer
> Yukon Cornelius,
> "Nothin!"
> Oh well, just a half dozen weeks to go...
> Mark Walker
> Castleton, VT.
Here in Northwestern North Dakota, I have seen 3 Nymphalis antiopa
(still haven't seen any milberti or Polygonia, though).  The crocuses
are blooming, the grass is greening, and the snow is almost gone. 
Good luck in Vermont - they may appear sooner than you expect.


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