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Tue Apr 14 20:09:10 EDT 1998

Andrew Daw <andrewd at REDAC.CO.UK> writes:

>I thought that all messages posted to leps-l were duplicated in
>sci.bio.entomology.lepidoptera and similarly all messages posted
>to sci.bio.entomology.lepidoptera were automatically posted to

I'll let Larry Rhodes speak for the mechanism of leps-l, however, in
general, leps-l is a bi-directional gateway in and out of
sci-bio.entomology lepidoptera.

Remember, however, that there are a number of reasons why the set of
messages to both may not be exactly the same. Usenet is a decentralized
system so the set of posts you see (and their order) at a particular site
(that maintains a news-feed) will vary depending on what posts have
reached that site.

In _theory_ all posts should make it to every site but there are many
reasons why this is not so. Correspondingly is Usenet posts don't reach
the leps-l gateway at Yale, they will not make their way to leps-l

>Has anybody else had replies to questions they have never seen ?
>A quick check at:
>  [4]http://www.dejanews.com (sci.bio.entomology.lepidoptera)    and
>  [5]http://www.reference.com (leps-l)
>resulted in a completely different set of messages for the last few weeks.

Completely different is somewhat of an exaggeration, however differences
do exist. C'est la vie.


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