Anthocharis thoosa

Kenelm Philip fnkwp at
Fri Apr 24 21:15:24 EDT 1998

	Try Scudder 1878, where this taxon was described as a species. :-)
In a recent NA checklist by Julian Donahue, this is still carried as a
ssp. of _sara_. However, note that in the Stanford/Opler western butterfly
atlas, which appears to be the current 'checklist' for the Lep. Soc.
Season Summary, _A. sara_ is referred to as the '_Anthocharis sara_ com-
plex'--which implies that the authors are perfectly willing to entertain
the idea that some so-called subspecies are actually species. When the
Season Summary is not based on a _catalogue_, this kind of thing will

							Ken Philip
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