Finding Tiger Swallowtail Larva

James F Hanlon jfhanlon at
Sun Aug 2 16:17:47 EDT 1998

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for responding. Well, I guess I could take a very tall ladder to an
area with lots of sycamores, and start looking around.

I was told by one Amazonian colletor, that a lot of species lay their eggs
toward the bottom portions of their foodplant. I wonder if the Tiger
Swallowtail has a preference or if the placement is relatively random?


Jim Hanlon

Jim Hanlon wrote:
>Do the Western Tiger Swallowtails feed on Sycamore? I would like to collect
>at least one larva or egg from the hostplant. This seems difficult if their
foodplant is mostly larger trees. Any ideas on how I might manage to find
the larva?>

Pierre Wrote:
<Yes, they do.  I have had them on sycamore in West Los Angeles (some 35 >
<yeasrs ago), and about 1000 feet west of Sycamore Flat Campground (in Big >
<Rock Canyon, just southeast of Valyermo, in the northern foothills of the>
<San Gabriels).  I am also told there may be a breeding colony in, of all >
<places, downtown Los Angeles!  The trees are there, and the butterflies >
<have been observed in flight there.>

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