D'Abrera on Science and Philosophy

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> Hi Jim,
> It is nice to see that someone else enjoys those segments of the books
> as much as I do. 
> >To sum it up, I guess D'Abrera is saying that science can not and should not
> >vainly think that it can explain everything, 
> As a confirmed 'evolutionist' (but willing to be pursuaded otherwise
> by a better theory) I am rather disheartened by the 'blind faith'
> arguments that many religeous groups (and dictators) say that 'the
> masses' should follow.

Religion has never been my opium. I remember as a child of no more than
six deciding that science gave a better explanation than religious mysticysm.

I may be biased but I cannot accept the blind faith argument.
Natural Selection is such an obvious phenomenon that I cannot understand
why it was not thought of before. Maybe some ancient Greek philosopher
did but the text has been lost.

I find the arguments of creationists bizzare and very odd.
A look in talk.origins will reveal a host of Religious "Mentalfundalists"
spouting spurious arguments such as evolution violating the 2nd law of

Using blind faith one could argue that the world is flat, sitting
on the back of a turtle and that the sun is being pushed around by a 
giant dung beetle.

Sadly D'Abrera's mind was influenced by priests before the scientists.
I count myself fortunate in having bibliophile parents who taught me
to read as soon as possible. 

Incidentally there is someone who reads this group who teaches
Creation "Science" (now there's an oxymoron). Perhaps we could hear the
counter arguments.

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