Butterfly-predacious hornets

John Grehan jrg13 at psu.edu
Tue Aug 4 00:15:31 EDT 1998

One place where yellowjackets caused considerable impact on other insects
was in New Zealand. I can only generalize from memory, but in the 1940's
approximately, the European species Vespula germanica became established.
Despite intensive efforts to remove nests etc., it became a permanent
colonist. Since then at least a couple of other species also established.

 I recall that they had considerable impact on the endemic insect wildlife,
although I have no specific knowledge about butterflies. The wasp
populations have sometimes reached such high numbers that they make life
directly difficult for people. They also competed with honey bees and other
invertebrates which obtained honeydew from scale insects on forest trees.

John Grehan

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