Rare Butterfly from China mainland

Pierre A Plauzoles ae779 at lafn.org
Tue Aug 4 13:56:54 EDT 1998

In a previous article, Neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk (Neil Jones) says:

>In article <199808010254.KAA28743 at info.hz.zj.cn>
>           Use-Author-Address-Header@[127.1] "Dao Lu" writes:
>>   I am a small Collector&Breeder of butterfly , lived in china . 
>>   I have a rare butterfly ( Formal name : " Luehdorfia chinensis Leech " ),Its
>>  wing's veins 
>> like tiger , and Its producing area only in China. 
>>   Do anyone can tell me where I can find some dealers who interested in Chinese
>>  butterfly ?
>>   I can give many species of China Butterfly , include pupae&specimens .
>> Please go to "" for photo of the
>>  butterfly .
>> ( Sorry for my bad English )
>> Thank you very much !
>> Dao Lu E-Mail : "gold-china at bigfoot.com"
>This person is not, it appears, a butterfly enthusiast. The information
>on the web site indicates to me that this person is a trader in
>Chinese collectables of all kinds. The posting contravines the charter
>for s.b.e.l.
>I find this repeated posting, offering to trade in a red data book species, 

I, personally, will go a step further: trade in Red Book species or other 
wildlife known to be under threat of extinction, whether officially 
listed or not, is not what we as scientists (professional, amateur or 
even casual) should condone.  When it crosses the line set by law, it 
becomes *totally and unconditionally unacceptable under any circumstances*, 
**especially** when the individual involved has been notified of the 
status of said species.  In this case, the condition described in the last 
sentence situation has, if I recall correctly, existed now for about a 
week or two.
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