Noctua Pronuba

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Hi For your information, Noctua Pronuba is very common in Quebec. It comes
every night I collect in the suburban of Montreal. And it is the same in
France! It is interesting to see all differences in the color or FW, from
grey to chestnut and black. Laurent

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> Mike,
> I think I originated the _N. pronuba_ post thread.  I had spent a year
> in 1993-94 in Woods Hole MA and, using a light trap, found that _N.
> pronuba_ was the most common moth in the trap (10-20 per night in a
> Robinson trap).  I found it highly abundant by light trap in Amherst MA
> in following years and now it is reasonably common but not abundant (0-2
> per night in a Robinson trap).  I think there was an outbreak phenomenon
> working in that 93-95 span.  Has anyone else seen _N. pronuba_ in
> outbreak numbers?
> Mike, what type of trap/collection site were you using?
> Joe
> Mike Soukup wrote:
> >
> > Hi Everybody,
> >
> >         I recall a post last year about the southward migration of
> > Noctua Pronuba in North America.  I don't know if anyone cares or keeps
> > track.  But, this summer, I have caught N. pronuba this year in 4
> > counties in Maryland and one in PA - including my first specimen at my
> > house in Anne Arundle Co., MD last night.
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> Joe Kunkel, Professor
> Biology Department, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
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