moth i.d. Ohio

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Thu Aug 13 15:54:52 EDT 1998

I was thinking maybe a Black Witch based on the size and color. However
it has been my experience that it is difficult to get close enough to see
one without startling it as they seem very wary.


On Thu, 13 Aug 1998 10:34:03 -0300 dyanega at (Doug Yanega)
>> This moth ? kept its wings spread when at rest. It was huge, at 
>least 6 inches
>>across (I am really trying hard not to exaggerate, I want to say 7 or 
>8) and
>>was black except for bright yellow dashes outlining its wings. When 
>it flew,
>>the bottom part of its wings folded up like a butterfly's at rest, 
>and it flew
>>with just its two front wings.
>Is it *possible* that this was a male Promethea moth? It's fairly big, 
>background color can be almost black, and there are light yellow-brown 
>margins. I have a real hard time imagining any other native moths that
>might fit that description.
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