TCatFan tcatfan at
Sun Aug 16 06:10:31 EDT 1998

I know this is a last ditch effort, and I dunno even if this is the right place
to post this but I'm desperate.  Here's the situation -

Today I found a monarch butterfly emerging from it's cacoon.  Only problem is
that it had fallen onto some concrete and the heat from the sun seems to have
"cooked" one side of it.  Like, the cacoon is "melted" into the wing.  It's
been about five hours since I found him, and I'm trying to "feed" it sugar
water because it's the best I can do.  Well, I expect him to be dead tomorrow
but I'd still appreciate any help in case he lives or if anyone should read
this tonight.  Thanks in advance.  

TCatFan at

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