Colorado Thunderstorm

Mark Walker MWalker at
Mon Aug 17 00:17:28 EDT 1998

Wow - what a spectacular thunderstorm!  I landed in Denver at 10:30 a.m.
under perfectly sunny skies, but when I headed east on Interstate 70
into the Rockies, I ran into quite a show.  Lightening was hitting trees
and rocks to the left and right, with little delay on the travelling
sound.  Needless to say, the butterflying was not excellent.

However, I did manage to run into a few species as I searched for
pockets of sunshine.

On Co. 119 south of Nederland, I saw:
Lycaena (Chalceria) rubidus - Ruddy Copper (3 males)
Agriades glandon (franklinii or rusticus) - Arctic Blue (6)
Boloria ? (no ID) - (2)
Larger Fritts (kind of dull coloration) - (4)
On Co. 119 in Boulder Canyon, I saw:
Hyles lineata - White Lined Spinx (over 30 in one spot)
(another one of those perfect camera moments, but no camera)

Mark Walker

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