U.S. Butterfly ( & Moth) Lists/New BF Books

Paul Opler Paul_Opler at usgs.gov
Mon Aug 17 14:16:00 EDT 1998

     Hi Gary,
     Plans are to include Canadian distributions as well. 

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Subject: Re: U.S. Butterfly ( & Moth) Lists/New BF Books
Author:  gganweiler at sprint.ca at NBS-Internet-Gateway
Date:    8/1/98 6:43 PM

The USGS site is a GREAT resource - and will only get better as time goes 
on and material is added - and anyone who has attempted to do something 
like this even at the local level must know what a massive job it is.  
Being a Moth ( mainly noctuid) fanatic - I checked out some of the data for 
that group only.  The first time I have seen a number of species 
illustrated anywhere (thanks Paul !)  The maps are a great start, but show 
only what has been compliled, and in many cases are very far from accurate 
(i.e. show only a fraction of the published ranges) for showing the known 
ranges - but a start !!  
I have only one burr in my butt.  The site is called Moths of North America 
- but completely ignores both Canada and Mexico (not to mention Alaska, 
Hawaii etc.).  And you "Americans" wonder why you are sometimes percieved 
as a touch arrogant !!!
Bottom line -thanks to all the people who contribute to the project - and 
please carry on!  A huge job, but if it continues to evolve it will be a 
priceless resource.  Hope I will be able to contribute more myself in 
Gary Anweiler, a proud "Canajun"

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