info on saddle-back moths, please

Bill Welch first.last at
Tue Aug 18 08:44:14 EDT 1998

I have some saddle-back caterpillars that I found on sweet gum.  They were
originally only about 1/8 inch long.  I have raised them, along with my
lunas, and now they are about an inch long.  The only information I can
find, on them, says they get grow about an inch before pupating.  Pictures
I have seen of the moths are pretty much unattractive, however, the
caterpillars are beautiful.  The resemble little Yorkshire terriers with
green sweaters!

What I don't know is:  How do they pupate?  Do they form a cocoon on the
host plant, in the leaf litter, or pupate in the ground?  Any info would be
greatly appreciated.

Bill Welch
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