info on saddle-back moths, please

Carol R. Lemmon clemmon at
Thu Aug 20 10:01:44 EDT 1998

Hi Bill, 

Regarding your inquiry about Saddle-back caterpillars: they form a
hard-shelled brown cocoon which is made in a folded dead leaf in the litter
on the ground.  This seems to be the case for all Limacodids (at least the
North American species that I have reared).  For more in-depth information
on the Saddle-backs, as well as a selection of other Limacodids, refer to
the early volumes of the Journal of the New York Entomological Society
(late 1800's to the early 1900's) for the series of life history articles
by Dyar.  These papers, even though the taxonomy is quite dated, have
detailed descriptions of every life stage and habits for 20 Limacodid
species found in the New York area.  All of these species are also found in
most of the states south of New York.

Good luck.

Jeff Fengler
Research Assistant
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

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