Caterpillar.... Very Large...What is it???

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Fri Aug 21 00:27:09 EDT 1998

Hyalophora cecropia possibly.

Roger Bowen <roger.bowen at> wrote in article
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> Hi Folks..
> Today, my neighbor called me over to his garden and showed me the
> absolutely largest "Caterpillar??"  I (and himself) have ever seen.  I
> do not have a picture jsut yet, but I can describe it as being near one
> inch in Diameter and about 3-4 inches long and had a green body.  It had
> short antennae in rows along the back which were tipped with the most
> beautiful blue and towards the front,  these were a brilliant
> orange-tipped.  It's "eyes??" were clearly visible and it was clenched
> very tightly to the small twig on which it was found.  If anybody has
> ever seen/heard of anything liek this before, please let me know - we
> are very curious about it.  A few years ago, I found a large brown
> caterpillar in our garden - it had a very visible mouth and eyes as well
> and measured about 2-3 inches in length - Haven't seen anything like
> that since either... Thanks to all.
> Roger

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