Hyles lineata in AZ.

Hank Brodkin hankb at theriver.com
Fri Aug 21 03:36:56 EDT 1998

Pierre A Plauzoles wrote:

> Hello.
> I don't know how things are going along in Arizona for the white-lined
> sphinx, but I do know there are roadrunners in Arizona (in fact, isn't it
> the state bird?)

Pierre-Hi.  The state bird of Arizona is the Cactus Wren who, I have no doubt,
also preys upon the larvae of sphingids.

> , but in Malibu (here on the coast just west-northwest of
> Los Angeles), the roadrunner is a very voracious predator of this
> species.  I imagine the same situation would exist anywhere the bird and
> the moth are found together.  By the way, just where were you, if I may
> ask, and were there also other sphingids as well?
> Thank you.
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