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Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Sat Aug 29 08:16:16 EDT 1998

sebrez at wrote:
> I continue to notice a lack of most species this year, especially
> obvious, monarchs, I have seen hardly any. One other observation, whites
> and sulphurs seem to be larger this year. I am the amateur of amateurs
> and only know the common names, why do most use the scientific names?
Some time ago this was discussed, and we agreed to use both binomial and
common name, as a courtesy to people around the world who have different
butterflies, but the same common name ... or the same butterfly with a
different common name. 
If you're interested in butterflies, buy  a field book and look up your
butterflies before posting to the list. Or jump right in and somebody
will help you figure it out. 
Even if we all lived in Rhode Island, we might disagree on the common
names, if I had an older field book than yours.  
As some of our best friends are taxonomists, we won't complain that this
is also true of the scientific names, in many cases. With both sets of
names, we can figure which bug we're talking about.
Anne Kilmer
South Florida


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