Online Who's Who - January 1, 1998 update

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Tue Jan 6 15:42:47 EST 1998

The Online Lepidopterists' Who's Who is a regularly updated list of
contacts for Lep-people who are online.  It is intended, FOR PRIVATE
USE ONLY, to facilitate e-mail correspondence, to serve as a reference
on people's specialties for LEPS-L and the (s.b.e.l.) usenet newsgroup, and for
local contacts if you're going to be visiting someplace that you're
not familiar with.

The OLWW has been updated as of Jan. 1, 1998. The following changes
have been incorporated in the new update...

Additions: J. Nick Greatorex-Davies, Joseph G. Kunkel, Gunnar Lundell,
Jack Mikula, Rick Mikula, Thomas Wallenmaier

Revisions: Henry M. (Hank) Brodkin, Chris Conlan, Roger C. Kendrick,
Norbert Kondla, Michael A. Quinn, Phil Schappert, Dmitriy V. Sobanin,
Larry Sweeney

You can search the OLWW or obtain a copy by pointing your web browser

If you would like to add your name to the list, or if you would like
to revise your current listing then you now have two options:

Submit your information online at the web site given above, or
fill out the form included below and e-mail it to me at:

        philjs at

Do not post your filled-in form on the newsgroup or on LEPS-L because
I won't take it from there.  A final comment about the private
information section of this form: if you fill in the address and
phone/fax fields below the dashed line, this information *WILL* be
posted in the available version of the Who's Who.  If you do not want
this information generally available then do not fill in this section.


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