Hampson's British Museum Plates of Noctuids

Joseph G. Kunkel joe at bio.umass.edu
Tue Jan 13 11:27:03 EST 1998

Dear Lepidopterists and particularly Noctuid lovers:
I am in the middle of a project to make the Hampson illustrations of
Noctuids available as digital images.  This includes availability of low
resolution JPEGS 480x~800 of the entire plates on the WWW within a frame
with an index of names and Hodges modern designations for the North
American species.
A start has been made on five of Hampson's Books of Plates, Vols. IV,

My appologies beforehand to those individuals who do not have fast
modems or WWW browsers.  I will make the entire set of low-res images
available on CD for a reasonable price and the higher resolution images
for professionals at a suitably higher price.

I am looking for collaborators or advisors who are knowledgeable of the
Asian, African, Australian, Mexican and other noctuid material that is
covered by Hampson to provide modern ammendments to the 1903-1915
species names. Are there regional revised check lists of the Noctuids
for your group or local? Please approach me on this.
Joe Kunkel, Professor
Biology Department, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
joe at bio.umass.edu  http://www.bio.umass.edu/biology/kunkel/

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