FWD: anise swallowtails GEHP

Thu Jan 15 19:01:44 EST 1998

> > i have had three anise swallowtail cocoons for about 3 months. i was wondering if someone could please tell me what i have to do to get them to come out or if it is to late. thank you.
> > 

I had a couple anise swallowtail pupae take 35 and 37 months to eclose.  I
had forgotten about them for three years.

When I dusted off the label with the pupae that had the dates on when they
had pupated, I couldn't believe it.  But the dates jived with my memory of
when they had been reared.

It is always worthwhile to check pupae before giving up on them and
throwing them out.  If a pupa has weight, running a fingernail along the
intersegmental membrane of the abdomen will often get a response in a
living pupa granted that it is warm enough to respond. 

M.F. Wilson
in Tucson

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