sense of hearing

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Sun Jan 25 14:51:09 EST 1998

	According to Scott, 'Butterflies of North America', page 40, a
number of butterflies can hear (but not well). _Nymphalis_ larvae can
detect sounds with their setae. The enlarged veins in the FWs of Satryinae
contain hearing organs. It is possible, Scott says, that all adult but-
terflies can hear with their FW veins. _Hamadryas_ have hearing organs at
the base of the VFW, as do _Heliconius_. Scott, in his inimitable way,
gives no references (other than an author's name) for these assertions.

	Hearing is widespread in moths, and it includes the ultrasound
range, for detection of bat sonar. I remember once photographing an
aggregation of _Rheumaptera hastata_ on a damp road embankment--and the
instant the camera shutter clicked the entire assemblage took off.

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