Collecting in Florida

Peter.Trieb at Peter.Trieb at
Wed Jan 28 01:34:34 EST 1998

I'll be in Florida from Feb., 02., for 3 weeks (first time).
This trip had to be arranged in very short time, so I didn't have the
opportunity to check the following points:

*) is it legal to collect butterflies in Florida? What about National
Parks, State Parks, etc.?

*) which species may be encountered (if any) at this time of the year?
I'm mainly interested in day-flying species (no moths)

*) where are the best locations?

Any other tips on nature-related matters concerning Florida will be highly
appreciated as well.
Please answer directly to my e-mail address, as I'm not able to retrieve

Thanks, Peter Trieb

Peter.Trieb at

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