New Book: Butterflies of Micronesia

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I have been asked to handle the distribution of the UOG publication "
Butterflies of Micronesia" by Ilse H. Schreiner and Donald M. Nafus.  The
book is 30 pages long with color plates and textual descriptions which
reference the plate illustrations.  The color plates consist of high quality
digital images scanned from slides made taken by the authors and are printed
on high clay glossy paper.  51 species of butterflies in 7 families are
treated, which constitutes all the currently known butterflies occurring in
Micronesia.  The textual descriptions list the islands the respective
butterfly is found on, the overall range of that species and notes on host
plants, habitat, behavior, etc. pertaining to their occurrence on
Micronesian islands.  Within-species variation is also noted for several
species by means of separate color illustrations and references in the text.
There is a tabular checklist of all butterflies, their presence on the main
island groups of Palau, Yap, the Marianas, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae, and the
Marshals accompanied by the plate and page no. for each species.  The
general format is somewhat reminiscent of the Peterson Field Guide series
for birds.

The retail price of the book is $10.00 (U.S. funds), wholesale price is
$6.92 (10 or more) with shipping extra.  Guam uses U.S. mail so it may be
sent by book rate, first class, priority, or express.  Each book is 3.2 oz.
so the postage rates for 1 book first class is $1.01, 2 books $1.70, 3 books
$2.62 and > 3 books $3.00 (priority mail) up to 2 pounds weight.  Orders
weighing more than 2 pounds should include postage to cover the priority
mail rate that applies.  Mail service from Guam to the US mainland by first
class usually requires 4-5 days and priority mail takes 3 days.  Book class
rates for this weight are the same as first class so all orders will be
shipped first class or priority.


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