call for checkerspot butterflies

Niklas Wahlberg niklas.wahlberg at Helsinki.FI
Fri Jan 30 10:26:47 EST 1998

   I'm a PhD student at the University of Helsinki and am building a
phylogeny of the tribe Melitaeini as a part of my PhD project. I am doing
this using mitochondrial DNA sequences. So far I have sequenced 17 species
and the results look good. The only problem is that the species I have
sequenced are mainly from Europe, while the checkerspot tribe is Holarctic.
I would be extremely grateful to anybody who can send me material from
outside Europe. The genera I am interested in are Melitaea, Mellicta,
Hypodryas, and Eurodryas in the Palearctic, and Chlosyne, Phyciodes,
Euphydryas, Poladryas, Microtia, Dymasia, and Texola in the Americas. 
   I have tried to extract DNA from museum samples without success. But I
have been successful with dried specimens under a year old, provided they
have not been resoftened for setting. Basically, all I need are the legs of
a dried butterfly, but I would prefer to receive whole individuals (the
extraction is more sure that way). If anybody is able to help me out,
please contact me personally.

Niklas Wahlberg

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