Paucity of butterflies

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Some of this paucity that you are seeing, especially here in the 
East, is due to the fact that many species are between broods.  The 
second brood for many butterflies is due to emerge at any time and 
I'm sure you will see an increase in numbers shortly, extending into 
August.  Tiger Swallowtails were very abundant this spring, and the 
second brood is just now starting to emerge.  I expect it to be quite 
large.   We've had the same rain, more than normal.   I have noticed, 
even in dreary weather this summer, many species are active, 
ovipositing and nectaring, etc., so I don't think the bad weather has 
had much affect on numbers.
T.  Allen

>New Jersey is experiencing very low numbers of butterflies, and its not 
>because of drought.  We had extremely heavy rains for nearly two weeks. 
>In thinking back over the last few years, we seem to have a post hoc 
>excuse for everything that happens to butterfly numbers: too hot, too 
>cold, too wet, too dry,  to warm a winter,  too much snow, not enough 
>snow, etc.  It would be really nice to systematize information over 
>large areas for a number of years. 
>M. Gochfeld

Same is true in some parts of California due to most likely the unusual
weather.  Is it just your area or more prevalent.


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