basic question on Bt

Semjase semjase at
Wed Jul 8 21:01:02 EDT 1998

>Is all Bt used for insect control the same?  I mean does any kind of Bt
>kill any kind of caterpillar, or is it more complicated than that?  I have
>wondered this for years, and of course the garden centers have no clue.
>They also sell Bt for mosquito larvae, and I wonder if that can effect
>leps too.
>Somebody please enlighten me.....
>Liz Day   
>LDAY at 
>Indianapolis, Indiana, central USA - 40 N latitude, zone 5.
>Where the &^$%@! promie larvae are all cocoons now as it's 90F every day.

Hi Liz:

If you have been able to follow the discussion regarding this matter quite a
bit of information was smoked out.

There are various varieties of Bacillus thuriengensis as with most bacteria. 
These different varieties produce toxins with different traits.

Some preps contain viable spores and some contain only the toxin. There is no
telling what will affect what regardless of manufacturer claims as often the
research is propietary to the manufacturer.  I would expect there to be some
optimization towards some particular organism to be possible.  

Best thing is to not use the stuff and stay safe.  Especially do not use any
product containing viable spores.



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