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	Tijdschrift voor Entomologie! 
	[Netherlands Journal of Entomology]

	The "Tijdschrift voor Entomologie" is a high-quality
international journal, published by the Netherlands Entomological
Society. Published since 1858, it is now in its 141st volume. 
	It accepts papers on taxonomy, (molecular) phylogenetics,
evolutionary biology and biogeography of insects, Myriapoda and
chelicerates. Articles dealing with the Palearctis and Indo-Australian
regions are especially appreciated, but good-quality papers on other
regions, or on a global basis are also welcome. 
	Taxonomic papers preferably deal with monophyletic taxa.
Descriptions of single new species, are only considered, when they are
placed in a broader context. 
	Papers on ecology, ethology and morphology, especially those
including evolutionary and taxonomic aspects, are also welcome.
	Tijdschrift voor Entomologie is a particularly suitable platform
for submitting relative large taxonomic revisions (maximum ca 40-50
pages in print), as the journal has no page charges (for longer papers,
please contact editors). 
	All papers are peer-reviewed by international specialists.
	We invite all serious authors to consider publishing in our
journal. We offer relatively quick publishing for good manuscripts and
high quality printing. Further we provide 50 reprints free, and
additional ones for a moderate price.
	For further information and guidelines for submission, please
contact the editor-in-chief:
	E.J. van Nieukerken
	National Museum of Natural History, Naturalis
	P.O. Box 9517
	NL-2300 RA Leiden
	The Netherlands
	Telephone: +31-71-568 7682
	Telefax: +31-71-568 7666
	e-mail: nieukerken at nnm.nl

	Because of vacations, we will send out (electronic) instructions
for authors after August 10.

	For information on subscriptions (currently NLG 300 per volume
for non-members), consult:
	Nederlandse Entomologische Vereniging
	Plantage Middenlaan 64
	NL-1018 DH Amsterdam
	The Netherlands
	Telephone: +31-20-525 6247 (on Tuesday only)
	e-mail: admnev at bio.uva.nl

	Some recent titles:
	P.L.Th Beuk 1997. Revision of the radha-group of the genus
Platylomia Stal, 1870 (Homoptera, Cicadidae). - 140: 147-176.
	O. Rohfritsch 1997. Morphological and behavioural adaptations of
the gall midge Lasioptera arundinis (Schiner) (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)
to collect and transport conidia of its fungal symbiont. - 140: 59-66
	J.T.Polhemus & R.S. Copeland 1996. A new genus of Microveliiinae
from Treeholes in Kenya (Heteroptera: Veliidae). - 139: 73-78.
	P.J. den Boer & Th. S. van Dijk 1996. Life history patterns
among carabid species. - 139:1-16.
	P.N. Bellinger & W.N. Ellis 1997. Generic names of Collembola:
supplement 1984-1996. - 140: 1-12.
	Z.-Q. Zhang & N. Rastegari 1996. Larval mites (Acari:Trombiidae)
parasitic on aphids in Iran: key, a new species and new record. - 139:
	T. Yasunaga & Y. Nakatani 1997. The eastern palearctic relatives
of European Deraeocoris olivaceus (Fabricius) (Heteroptera: Miridae). -
140: 237-247
	A.J. de Boer 1995. Islands and cicadas adrift in the
West-Pacific. Biogeographic patterns related to plate tectonics. 138:
	H. de Jong 1995. The phylogeny of the subgenus Tipula
(Mediotipula) (Diptera: Tipulidae). - 138: 269-282.

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