clothes moth paranoia

Mike Soukup mikayak at
Tue Jul 14 11:13:03 EDT 1998

And, as a Saturniid breeder who maintains hundreds of specialized trees,
bushes and shrubs and spends half his life driving around cutting
branches, providing fresh leaves, and cleaning out dead ones,  it sure
would be nice to be able to just throw in a new ball of yarn or a
sweater every week or two....  I know I'd have alot more free time.

I guess it's my choice.  I should have been a Tineidae breeder!!!

And, also, don't forget, the second comment (the one after...whaddya
feed 'em - sweaters?), is always "Oh, just like 'Silence of the Lambs' -
"do you put the 'little things' in peoples mouths too?".  No WONDER
moths have a bad image....... :)
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