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In the past I have seen the larvae of certain Caligo sp. feeding on a number of
Marantaceae in Butterfly
Houses.       Martin Feather.

Anne Kilmer wrote:

> Liz Day wrote:
> >
> > > Does anyone know what type of larvae would feed off this plant?? Also, is it a
> > > common house plant?? does anyone know the common name of it?
> > > many thanks!!!
> >
> > It is supposed to be a common house plant.  It is similar to Prayer Plant
> > (the one whose leaves fold up at night).  In the _Marantaceae_.
> > I don't know what the exact difference between Calathea and Maranta
> > (prayer plant) is.
> >
> > LD
> We just call it Calathea here, where it is also used in landscaping and
> gets huge.  As a house plant, it passes for prayer plant ... I don't
> think anyone's particular about the application of common names. Buy it
> at Home Depot, and it's labeled Green Plant.
> I don't know anything that eats it. You have caterpillars on it? Hmmm.
> In south Florida, it gets whipped about by the wind, but it doesn't seem
> even to be carved by leaf-cutter bees. As cast-iron as aspidistra.
> Anne Kilmer
> South Florida

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