sex determination in caterpillars

Esther Cornelius JayAndEstherC at
Wed Jul 15 17:54:00 EDT 1998

Dear Priya54 : I can hear the hoots already. This is a methoed I've used
to determine gender in caterpillars and it works as well on ova, it is
about 90% accurate. It's basically a form of well-witching using a plumb
bob instead of a willow fork. The theory is that the body knows things
the intellect won't recognise, (such as things about sex possibly
because sex was invented before brains so without sex, there would be no
brains.) And it works especially well on gender but not (unfortunately)
on the location of buried gold. To work it, hold a small weight on a
string about 10 inches long, loosely in the hand with the arm sightly
extended but not resting on anything. Observe the rotation of the weight
(clockwise, counter clockwise, back and forth or whatever) in response
to yes or no questions when the answer IS known, or simply ask the plumb
bob to indicate a positive or negative answer. Then ask specifc yes or
no questions when th answer is NOT known but can be proved. My sucess
rate is pretty good for the first 5 or 10 questions but after that the
truth gets sloppy, so I take a break for a few hours. I know I'm getting
spam when the answer is inconsistant, and seems to be alternating yes -
no. good luck, Bill

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