promethea camouflage?

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Thu Jul 16 16:17:16 EDT 1998

Liz Day wrote:

> Maybe the little prongs are like defense at the close-range level -
> it's camouflaged from a distance, then if you get close enough to eat it,
> you see those plastic-y things, like you say, Bill.  This would be
> interesting to test.
> Liz Day
> (I'm not going to eat one.  My palate is not refined enough :).  Although
> I did find out last night that a friend tastes toxic butterflies to see if
> they're bad.)

  The trick is, don't eat the crusts. Wings and cuticle are usually where they
put the poisons. My cardinals make their babies eat Battus polydamas larvae,
but they squish them and the babies just eat the gushy contents.
My mother tried that with Brussels sprouts, but I was too smart for that.
Anne Kilmer
South Florida

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