Collecting Permit Ideas

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Thu Jul 16 16:37:50 EDT 1998


> Dear Listers,
>            It is extremely rarely that I disagree with Doug, and, for
> the most part, I don't disagree with what he has to say about the
> permitting situation, in Brazil or otherwise.  But I am going to
> disagree with a couple of things.


Ok here's another idea. Game parks, butterfly farms and bug-catching tours, where
the leader (that'll be Jim for instance) takes charge of listing catches and
monitoring what is caught. Collector then takes list signed by Jim and bugs to
customs and pays suitable fee.
If Jim is dishonest, Brazil gets to slice him into little tiny pieces. Or whatever.
Admittedly this is a bit like the trout farms where you use canned corn for bait,
which is what the little guys are fed anyway.  But wouldn't it be nice if, say, a
bean farmer harvested his sulphur butterflies and framed them, or arranged a U-Pick
deal with local kids or bug collectors, instead of spraying strong poisons?
Anne Kilmer
South Florida
We're just killing time until the next Ice Age anyway ...

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