Collecting Permit Ideas

Liz Day lday at
Fri Jul 17 00:50:28 EDT 1998

> Believe me, I understand exactly. I am a field biologist at heart,
> But I'm also not all that certain
> that the majority of amateur leppers would *really* enjoy an unguided trek
> in the Amazonian wilds. 

I'm pretty futzy, but I still wouldn't care much for a bug that
I didn't locate and catch myself.  Doesn't have to be extreme to be
exciting, it just has to be REAL.

> What I am saying is that this extreme level of
> freedom may be something that the few of us who DO crave "the adventure"
> will just have to live without, at least to the extent of stalking and
> killing. 

Stalk, capture, photograph and release?  


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