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gordon.ramel gordon.ramel at
Fri Jul 17 03:38:18 EDT 1998

Can anybody help louise with this??  The only thing I can think of is an Elephant Hawk Moth 

Yesterday in my garden (warm, walled, central Bedford, edge of the fens 
etc.) I saw a small to middling sized butterfly or moth, with the front 
wings a bright pinkish sort of red and the back wings solid black. There 
were absolutely no other discernible markings, spots etc (witnessed in 
flight, anyway).   It flew a bit like a moth so I wondered if it could 
be a burnet. Closest I can find in my book is zygaena osterodensis, but 
this is far too patterned and isn't supposed to be in this country (does 
it know??).  Other possibility is a scarlet tiger, but again this is too 
patterned and more red than pink.

Any ideas?  The shock of seeing it took my breath away!

I'd be delighted if you could help.
Louise Cuzner   louise.c at

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