Collecting Permit Ideas

mark jackson strat7 at
Fri Jul 17 08:36:26 EDT 1998

Hi,     Brazil could put a ban on collecting, but all this would do is make it
attractive to non-collectors. If it is illegal and hard to get that is when people

what to own it. Laws do nothing to stop this type of thing. ( drugs are still
coming to the U.S. in record numbers) What is killing off their Exotic
Species is deforestation not collectors. I also sense anger in your
article. I collect insects and to tell you the truth i could not give them
away outside of this mail-server.           feeling at peace,      mark j.

Doug Yanega wrote:

> >Hi,         This is the worst idea i have read in 30 years.    peace yourself
> >mark j
> You honestly prefer a  ban on amateur collecting of Brazilian butterflies?
> That is, after all, what we're talking about as being the effective status
> quo.
> Peace anyway,
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>         is the true method" - Herman Melville, Moby Dick, Chap. 82

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