Brazilian Amazon

Hank Brodkin hankb at
Sat Jul 18 07:47:01 EDT 1998

Chris Raper wrote:

> Well, as long as nets were allowed for a non-killing purpose I would
> be interested. To try to id something on-the-wing would be nigh
> impossible out there - and forget about waiting for them to settle!

Nets for ID should be OK unless their use was forbidden by local

> You can bait some things and by going out early you can catch others
> while they are relatively cold but the majority of stuff is only seen
> in the 'flying' state - and usually pretty fast too! :-)
> A copy of all 6 or 7 D'Aberera's "Neotropical Butterflies of the
> World" volumes would be another recommendation.

Probably cost as much as the trip itself?

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