UK butterflies-you remember them?

D.P.Howson D.P.Howson at
Sat Jul 18 07:11:47 EDT 1998

Hi, I wonder how this miserable summer is affecting the native UK butterfly species.Certainly obserrvation has been very difficult because if the constantly changing weather and many field trips must have been abortive.Colleagues who work all week have sometimes seen little or nothing. 
>From my local sites in West Yorkshire some of the satyridae(browns) such as Meadow Brown(jurtina) and Ringlet(hyperanthus) seem little affected, and of the hesperiidae(skippers) Small Skipper(lineola) can still be seen in some numbers. But the Northern Brown Argus(artaxerxes) has so far failed to show on one of its sites, and Common Blue(icarus) and Small Heath(pamphilus) on another. 

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